Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why am I doing this?

How do you usually find out about a great restaurant? Some people read reviews, others look for the latest food trends and some are food adventurers that try every restaurant in their area. Most however, try the restaurants their friends recommend and as they are looking at the menu they turn to their friends and say “what’s good here?”

Eating out is a social thing – of course it is mainly about the food but it’s also about the experience. Whether it’s sharing some laughs with friends at your favorite hole in the wall, celebrating a birthday at the neighborhood grill or enjoying brunch ocean-side with the girls. Food unites us. And it is only fitting that we share our favorite places so other people can have those great experiences too. It is my intent to help those that love good food, good friends and want to create extraordinary occurrences in their life. This will be your place to find new delectable experiences to share with those you love. From one food lover to another; Bon App├ętit!