Sunday, August 9, 2009

Drinks at the Barefoot Bar

I drove to Huntington Beach today to try “the best fish tacos ever.” I didn’t find them but I did end up having a great drink and some decent fish tacos. I went to Duke’s expecting it to be some dive fish taco bar by the beach. It turns out that Duke’s is a family restaurant that has expensive sea food. This was not in my budget today so we stuck to the bar menu. The drink I had was called a Hawaiian Iced Tea. This had gin, rum and vodka with some tropical juices. I’m sure I could have had 10 because they tasted so good and then regretted it. However, I was totally responsible and only had one. The bar menu at Duke’s has snack foods such as fish tacos, fish and chips and burgers. If you go into the main dining area the menu doubles in price but offers foods such as Alaskan king crab and fresh fish.

I ordered my fish tacos beer battered and Cajun style. The dish is about $10 and you get two huge tacos (pictures below). I don’t think I will put Duke’s on my list of favorite restaurants, but I will recommend spending some time at the beach and ending your day with a Hawaiian Iced Tea at the Barefoot Bar. If you need a snack, split a plate of the fish tacos.

Dukes,Iced tea spirits drink


Cajun Fish Taco

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